Our Programs

Urban Trekkers

Developing outdoorsy youth who fully embrace the adventure sports lifestyle.

Black Girls Hike

Creating sisterhood on trails, waterways and in local communities across the globe.


Technical training , equipment, and mentorship for Black people and Allies.

The American Adventure Sports Club

Free adventure sports training, mentorship, adventures, and more for all Americans, centering on the most vulnerable.


The BIPOC Mountain Collective is an extraordinary initiative, encompassing a network of dedicated clubs across various locations, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Seattle, Canada, Washington DC, and Howard University. This remarkable collective is founded upon a shared commitment to uniting and empowering individuals from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, who share a profound passion for snow sports and outdoor adventures. enthusiasts.

Black Girl Hike Too!

Minority Mountain Bikers

An organization dedicated to increasing and highlighting the diversity in mountain biking. Minorities have long been underrepresented and underserved in the mountain biking community.

Black Girls Do Hike

BGDH is located in North Carolina. Created to encourage and educate women of color the benefits of healing through nature.

Freedom 2 Fly 4 All

Freedom to Fly Foundation’s mission is to provide growing opportunities of outreach, mentorship, and educational programs that facilitate opening the skies of joyful expression by playing in nature on bikes.

Black Trekkers

Salty Afro Surf

A surf community created with love. Salty afro surf originates from a place of love, a collective of melanated surfers with the desire to pass down our knowledge to folks wishing to explore their connection to water and surfing.We are cultivating a space to share knowledge, experience, and love for all things surf.

Black in National Parks

We empower and uplift the Black community by promoting access, inclusion, and representation in national parks, ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity to connect with and enjoy the beauty of these natural spaces.