Vibe Tribe Adventures (VTA) is a Denver, Colorado-based national 501(c)(3) offering global outdoor recreation and adventure sports opportunities for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and friends. Our mission centers on helping the urban community connect, reconnect, or deepen their natural right to nature through outdoor recreation, extreme sports participation, backcountry and water safety and stewardship, outdoor industry employment, and outdoor industry entrepreneurship access.

Our Mission

Vibe Tribe Adventure provides equitable opportunities for diverse communities to
participate in outdoor recreation and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. We are
committed to challenging and transforming the outdoor industry to normalize the
presence of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in outdoor spaces by
nurturing BIPOC outdoor leadership.

Our Vision

Vibe Tribe Adventure envisions a
future where the outdoor spaces are inclusive, diverse, and reflective of the
richness and vibrancy of our communities, where people of all backgrounds feel
welcomed and represented.

What We Do

Outdoor Education

Mental Health & Wellness Adventures

Urban Youth Experiential Learning (STEAM Focused)

Outdoor Business Leadership Development

Provide Access to Outdoor Equipment and Gear 

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Rock Climbing




Outdoor Education



Surfing Clinic




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We have our fingers on the pulse of the outdoor recreation and adventures sports community. Working at the intersection of business leaders, trail organizations, federal and state agencies, Vibe Tribe Adventures is invested in bringing attention, action, and resources to over a million urban adventurers who explore the outdoors every year.
Outdoor Leadership

Our vision is to change the outdoor industry by normalizing the presence of Black & Brown leaders in outdoor spaces by nurturing BIPOC lead outdoor businesses. This program supports
and empowers outdoor leaders to become community members by helping them build and lead their own outdoor programs. We recognize the unique challenges and systemic barriers faced by BIPOC leaders in the outdoor industry, and our program is specifically designed to provide the necessary resources, mentorship, and training to overcome these obstacles and create impactful
nonprofit organizations or for-profit business to help close generational wealth gaps within our communities.

Become A Guide

Join The Fun!

We are looking for all types of guides with different unique outdoor, health, and science trades to lead our groups! If you are a fitness trainer, yoga instructor, art therapist, herbalist, botanist, bird guide, youth counselor, or anything in between, consider applying to become an Adventure Guide!

Here are just a few reasons to volunteer with us:

  • Epic adventures and unforgettable experiences

  • A chance to meet amazing like-minded individuals

  • Skills development and resume-boosting opportunities

  • Free snacks (because who doesn't love snacks?)